Plan G vs Plan F: Which One Is A Better Medicare Supplement Plan?

You’re almost ready to choose your Medicare supplement plan and want to get the most out of your investment. You might have heard that Plan F can be beneficial but did you consider Plan G?


Even though Plan G may not as common when compared to Plan F however it definitely deserves a consideration. There are ten standardized covers known as Medicare supplements, simply supplements or Medigap policies. The fact is, the more the policy compensates to your expenditures for covered things, the greater the monthly premium.


Plan F & Plan G: The Difference


Plan F will compensate for 100 percent of the policy holder’s share for services covered by Medicare including:


Part A deductibles

Part A co-insurance

Part A hospice co-payment/coinsurance

Part B co-payment/coinsurance

Part B excess charges

Part B deductibles

Preventative co-insurance (Part B)

Nursing facility care co-insurance

Initial three pints of blood

Travel emergency in foreign countries(till the limit of your plan)


However, the supplement won’t assist in case something is not covered by your Medicare. It will simply fill the gaps in the services that are already covered.


Now with Plan G, all the above things are covered with the only exclusion being the Part B deductible ($147).

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Plan G and Plan F:


It is not that difficult to compare supplement plans of various insurance agencies since they’re likely to standardize. Thus, the benefits of Plan F won’t change no matter what company you choose.


After finding the lowest monthly premium for the two policies you want to do a little math. It’s typically about knowing your numbers since the probability of needing outpatient (Part B) services can be quite high. For most years, you’ll probably require services that would ask you to pay the full deductible.


However, it’s key to know the difference between yearly premium amounts. In case the yearly premium for Plan F turns out to be $147 or more as compared to Plan G, it would be wise to select Plan G. In case it’s less, pick Plan F.


Picking between Plan G and Plan F will ultimately depend upon your general philosophy in regards to the coverage. If you are opting for a set and forget plan to purchase; pick Plan F. In case you wish to bet on not utilizing covered outpatient offers; purchase Plan G. You won’t go wrong irrespective of which option you choose.