Common Mistakes Seniors Tend to Make When Ordering Drinks on a Plane

Common Mistakes Seniors Tend to Make When Ordering Drinks on a Plane

While it is fun for older adults to travel the world and go on vacation at their dream holiday destinations, air travel can sometimes be stressful not only for senior citizens, but for all passengers. From turbulence to delays and effects of air travel on your body, you will definitely want to have a good drink on the airplane to make you feel pleasant. However, there are probably several, harmless mistakes that seniors often make with their in-flight beverages that range from downright disgusting to impractical. Some of these mistakes include:

  1. Failure to stay adequately hydrated

Of course, plain old water is perhaps not an exciting choice but it still remains the best thing seniors should drink on a plane instead of alcoholic beverage, which everyone seems to be excited about. It’s important to understand that air on a plane dehydrates intensely. Due to air-conditioned, dry air in the plane, you lose a lot of water. In fact, the humidity in a plane is in the interval of between 10-20% just like a desert. If you don’t a lot of water your head is going to start aching and you will feel fatigue. This leaves you more prone to infections.

  1. Ordering unbolted water

Even though you should take plenty of water on a plane to stay adequately hydrated, tap water is not always the best choice on an airplane. In fact, many flight attendants have confirmed that they would not even dare touch that water because the tanks where the water is stored are rarely cleaned. Dirty tanks create breeding grounds for microbial and bacterial growth. And as an older adult, your immune system is actually weaker, and drinking dirty water will only put your life in danger. So, asking for a tap water on a plane is the biggest you can do.

  1. Getting ice in the drink

Even if you have decided to skip the tap water and unhealthy beverages such as alcohol and order only plenty of bottled water, you should always avoid ice cubes in your drink because they often come from the same source where the tap water comes from. Skip the ice to avoid increasing your risk for illness when on a plane and also possess a 2020 Medicare Supplement Plans found here
As an older adult, you can’t afford to be careless with your health because your immune system and the general body strength have declined a great deal.